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City of smoke

Finally done ! :D


body // mother mother

and take my hands, they’ll understand
take my heart, pull it apart
and take my brain, or what remains
and throw it all away

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yesterday was my anniversary and i meant to draw a thing over the weekend but then my tablet kicked the bucket.

SOOOO here’s an art for a bratty kitten who has made the last 6 years like something out of a bizarre and kind of twisted romance novel containing themes of questionable legality.

i love you Teryn!


Canis Lupus ll Vulpes Vulpes

What better way to match than with some Fantastic Mr. Fox swag? This will make you and your partner so freaken awesome.

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Canis Lupus

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Vulpes Vulpes

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Mateus William

You want a halloween costume? How about a tentacle (or a tentaclemonster)?